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The ARC.STATION is a piece of display furniture that makes your extended range both digitally visible and configurable, bringing it to life for your customers at the POS using a touchscreen or in conjunction with VR glasses.

Thanks to the intuitive interface, personnel expenses can be significantly reduced, since customers can immerse themselves in your product environments. Information can thus be transported independently of available employees, retail spaces can be expanded without limits, and all facets of your product range can be experienced.

The ARC.STATION is available in a variety of designs. This means that it can be individually adapted to your existing room aesthetics and other local needs.

The ARC.STATION is managed via the ARCWARE 3D CLOUD and maintenance is carried out via ARCWARE SUPPORT.

Thanks to the close cooperation with MIFCOM GmbH (parent company), you will receive timeless furniture coupled with the latest hardware. See for yourself—we look forward to hearing from you.