Most frequently asked questions about arcware Cloud Platform

Question Section 01

Where is Arcware GmbH located?

We are located in Munich, Germany.

What services does Arcware provide?

Arcware provides the following services:

  • Pixel streaming (see the question “What is PIXEL STREAMING?”)
  • Project development
  • Educational Workshops
  • Customer Support or Premium Support for our customers

Pixel streaming leverages Arcware Cloud as a specific technology designed for real-time streaming and rendering of content from the cloud to users' devices.
It focuses on optimizing the delivery of high-quality visuals, often employed in various applications such as gaming, interactive experiences, or visualizations. Arcware Cloud operates by harnessing cloud-based servers to handle the rendering and processing tasks, delivering pixel-perfect streaming to the end-user.

This technology allows for resource-intensive applications to be run and experienced seamlessly across devices, ensuring a smoother and more accessible user experience without relying heavily on local hardware capabilities.

Where is the Arcware Cloud infrastructure and office located?

Currently our main infrastructure is located in Munich, Germany, providing service with the best quality for the entire world.

Who can register and use the Arcware Cloud platform?

Anyone who has a valid email address.

What versions of Unreal Engine are supported?

Our platform supports all Unreal Engine versions from 4.27.2, 5.0.3, 5.1.1, 5.2.1, 5.3.1

(Shortly after the release of new Unreal versions, we take care that they run on the CloudRT. In case of using the newest releases, make sure that it is already supported.)

What are the pricing plans for Arcware Cloud platform?

You can find our pricing here We can adapt each plan according to your needs.

You can reach our sales team using the form at the help center or the form at

How can I reach the Arcware Cloud platform?

You can log-in to the platform here

Can I try Arcware Cloud without paying?

Of course. You can open a trial account and try Arcware Cloud for free.

What kind of project/products can I stream via Arcware Cloud pixel-streaming?

Most projects are allowed as long as they are directly intended to be used for streaming, and not used for example for the purpose of AI training, blockchain mining orrendering.
Please refer to the GTC’s for more info § 7 OBLIGATIONS OF THECUSTOMER

Can I stream my project privately or publicly?

Yes, your project is private by default. However, you can make it public by generating a Share ID link and then sending the link to people you choose.

How is my monthly bill calculated?

Based on your runtime and the per-minute price on your contract. No hidden fees. In addition to your streaming cost, if you have, any additional services will be also in your bill.

How do I receive my monthly bill?

It will be automatically sent to your invoice email address.

Is it possible to put a maximum limit on my monthly streaming bill?

We are currently working on developing this feature.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept credit card. In the near future we will also accept other payment options.

What is the billing period?

The bill is calculated monthly or in a regular period as agreed in your contract if you got a custom contract.

Do you have customer support?

We provide customer support for our CORE customers.
Our trial customers can find vast amounts of information from our FAQ section as well as Customer Support documentation and videos.

Our discord channel can be used to connect our community.

How do I reach customer support team?

CORE customers can use the contact support form on the Arcware Cloud Help Center.

How do I reach sales/pre-sales team?

You can reach our sales team using the form at the help center or the form at

Is there a limitation to the streaming frame-rate?

There are no limits, but we recommend 30 fps.

Is there a limitation to the display resolution of my stream?

There is a default limit of 1920x1080 (Full HD), however you can contact Arcware sales team to increase the maximum resolution limit.

What devices can people watch my stream on?

You can 3D-stream to all devices that have a browser and internet connection: PC, mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc.

What add-on features can I buy after I register?

For details, you can reach our sales team using the form at the help center or the form at

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. We support a single account for each company.

Is my project safe at Arcware Cloud? What security standards do you complay?

We take the security of our platform very seriously. We have undergone external penetration testing to evaluate and enhance our security measures. Additionally, we are proud to have achieved ISO 27001 certification, which is a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of information security. We also conduct internal penetration tests to further ensure the robustness of our security protocols.

Whatis the privacy policy of Arcware Cloud?

You can find our privacy policy here

What happens if I forget my password?

You can simply reset your password via following the instructions on the login page.

How can I get a custom streaming plan, more projects or more concurrency?

You can reach our sales team using the form at the help center or the form at

How can I request an offer for a Workshop, Project Development or Premium support?

You can reach our sales team using the form at the help center or the form at

How is Arcware Cloud better than any competitor?
  • Best visual quality streaming service on market
  • We use our own GPU cluster tailored to the needs of pixel-streaming.
  • Fastest loading time since we don’t rely on virtual machines.
  • End-to-end platform where customers can work autonomously, e.g. self-register, upload Unreal packages, and share streams etc.

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