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Ultimate car configurator experience on the web

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Experience fully configurable GetOnMyLVL PCs in the interactive Monte Gaming Room of MIFCOM GmbH's new virtual store. Thanks to Unreal Engine's new Nanite and Lumen, you can enjoy unparalleled hardware surface detail and photorealistic lighting, all in real time! Plus, our CloudRT platform lets you access it directly in your web browser. So don't miss out on this incredible experience!

Best campaign tool for your upcoming vehicles, powered by our interactive Arcware Cloud.

Project Overview

building the experience

With dynamic automotive configurator experience, we defined the goal to test the boundaries of a comprehensive interactive experience: What is technically possible inside the UNREAL ENGINE? Ultimately, it all comes down to finding out what aspects of reality help you tell a convincing story to excite your customers. Ultimately, we made AUTOMOTIVE Configurator, which is now streaming with our powerful Arcware Cloud. You can experience it anywhere with any device with a web browser. So, STREAM NOW to enjoy it firsthand.


Cars represent a highly configurable product nowadays. In reality, no showroom in the world is big enough to have all possible variations in stock. But here, the customer can configure all possible Variations, starting with exterior car paints and rims. After entering the car, the interior can be configured to the look and feel of one's personal preferences.

real Geo Location

Using a modern real-time game engine, we decided to place the experience on real-world geolocation on the Lofoten Norway and made it a little more fantastic! Unlike other interactive automotive experiences, you can take a dynamic ride with the car in a photorealistic environment.

dynamic weather

While creating the automotive experience, we didn’t take any shortcuts. For example, we added a complete dynamic weather system to give customers the best visual experience. The control is in your hand. You can configure the car while enjoying the northern lights during nightfall. Turn on the rain to see the raindrops and puddles on the ground. Turn on winter to cover the ground with snow. There is a time of day, Seasons (summer and winter), environment conditions (Rain, Snow, Fog, Aurora borealis ), and Cloud Control built-in to the system. So, enjoy the best dynamic-looking automotive experience there is.

Drive & Studio Mode

We added the most unique test-drive feature in an automotive configurator. Why? Because traditional car configurator will only help you understand the product while standing still, but we wanted to have the complete driving experience. And it worked. With our Dynamic driving mode, you can have the autonomous driving experience while configuring the car itself! Of course, you can follow the car around, but that's not it. You can also take different seats and enjoy the ride!

Sometimes the details of the virtual landscape distract the attention from the product itself. That's why different studio environments are added to the Project. Lighthouse, Studio Noir, and Studio Chalk White will help emphasize various aspects of the Product design and showcase the product differently.

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