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Experience fully configurable GetOnMyLVL PCs in the interactive Monte Gaming Room of MIFCOM GmbH's new virtual store. Thanks to Unreal Engine's new Nanite and Lumen, you can enjoy unparalleled hardware surface detail and photorealistic lighting, all in real time! Plus, our CloudRT platform lets you access it directly in your web browser. So don't miss out on this incredible experience!

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Project Overview

building the experience

Conform has all products well organized as CAD files. The quick and efficient file conversion of the ‘hard’ parts was the groundwork for building this experience. To make the chairs look nice and comfy, the cushioning ‘soft’ parts were remodeled with the CAD files as a reference. For more immersive realism, wrinkles were added, and special attention was being put into the creation of the fabrics and leathers. In addition, the chairs can be placed in different virtual living rooms. The 3D stream of the Arcware Cloud, has become the right tool for Conform to realize higher sales. A success story.


Conform focuses on highly configurable armchairs and footstools. The configurator has become the core tool for Conforms marketing needs. It made their entire Product range accessible and placed important decisions in the hand of the customer. Customers buy configurations that conform did not think of, producing valuable data for trends and future marketing activities. Conform benefits massively from the configurator to serve their customers with a unique product. It is their way to success.

a million variants

Arcware has integrated the core of the Conform portfolio: 18 chairs, 37 types of leather, 90 fabrics, 4 kinds of wood, 5 feet, and two tables. This results in over 1,5 million variants. Only a virtual store is able to have all these variants in ‘stock’. Only 3D streaming is able to deliver all these millions of variations to our customers in the required quality.

the fabrics

Special attention was being put into the creation of the fabrics and leathers. To capture the subtle nuances of the different styles of velvet, we tried the ‘classic’ approach of working with photo-based textures. Tiling and dullness were the results. We switched and built the fabrics procedurally from scratch with ‘substance designer’ and inside Unreal. The result is stunning: no tiling, they look awesome from the distance and in the closeup.

a sales story

The Creation of an immersive 3D experience is an investment that pays off. Conform decided to make their product portfolio accessible, via a web configurator. For the first time, they are able to present all products at once. The usage of this new tool boosted their sales.

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