The future of e-commerce
is finally here!

Experience fully configurable GetOnMyLVL PCs in the interactive Monte Gaming Room of MIFCOM GmbH's new virtual store. Thanks to Unreal Engine's new Nanite and Lumen, you can enjoy unparalleled hardware surface detail and photorealistic lighting, all in real time! Plus, our CloudRT platform lets you access it directly in your web browser. So don't miss out on this incredible experience!

Excite and indulge your customers by pushing your brand into the next Virtual Store experience.

Project Overview

building the experience

The Experience is modeled after a real Swarovski store and the crystals are based on the 3D CAD files. We took full advantage of the latest Realtime 3D technology. Special attention was taken to the lighting of the scene and the crystals. Caustics -the refraction of the light as it passes through the crystals- and raytracing, in general, are included. Customers dive into the world of Swarovski, by navigating the scene from one piece of jewelry to the next is a smooth experience.

Virtual Store

To enter a virtual store and experience the beauty of the crystals, as if one was there, will change the expectations of online shopping forever. The indulging promise of shopping in real stores is transferred into the Swarovski virtual store experience. Neither customers nor leading brands will settle for less, as we emerge into the age of the metaverse.

Next gen Commerce

The key metric for any e-commerce is the conversion rates and the roi. With real-time 3D streaming experiences, the key promise of increasing engagement, that transfers into higher conversion rates, will become a reality for Swarovski's online marketing. An investment that will pay off with increased sales and decreased returns.

Brand Transformation

A strong narrative, particular promises coupled with meaning to the customers, make a brand. With this new type of media, brand narratives will change to maintain their value and meaning in the minds of their customers. The emergence of our 3D streaming technology transfers Swarovski's brand narration in new ways. Swarovski decided to start exploring this new space now, to stay ahead and stay the same.

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